In January 2022, webTactics acquired DAY Communications. We did this to enhance our creative and digital advertising capabilities and give us a higher level of experience in serving our public sector clients. Together, we are Canada’s largest, locally owned employment advertising, marketing and communications company, serving a broad array of clients – from top private sector employers to all levels (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal) of government.

The Recruitment Landscape

Having difficulty finding the right candidates or differentiating yourself from the competition? Are you struggling with determining what is working and what isn’t?

At webTactics, we believe that effective recruitment requires a focus on three key areas:

Talent Attraction

Talent Engagement

Talent Program Effectiveness

We understand your
recruitment challenges

Do you find yourself using a complex combination of tools, vendors, staff, and partners, resulting in spiraling costs and unattained goals? Enter webTactics. We are a recruitment advertising agency that partners with you to identify and eliminate gaps in your talent acquisition efforts, streamline your recruitment strategies, and implement tactics to achieve your hiring objectives. If you’re experiencing difficulties anywhere within the recruitment function, we can help.

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